Integrated Care Program for Medicaid Beneficiaries

As the State of Illinois embarks on a first time effort to bring Integrated Care to Medicaid Beneficiaries we are committed to evaluate its impact. An evaluation will ensure an efficient way of monitoring the implementation of this program and inform future expansions and/or changes to the program design. The evaluation will also serve as mechanism for ensuring that the beneficiaries are receiving quality services from their medical providers and achieving their personal health goals.

The multi-year comprehensive evaluation will include three components: a process evaluation, an outcome evaluation and an economic impact evaluation. This evaluation will be conducted in a participatory approach with input from all stakeholders, including the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Illinois Department of Public Health, advocacy groups, and clients themselves. There are two vendors identified and a comparison of them will be completed to assess effectiveness. An Advisory Group will be formed to advise and provide oversight to the implementation and evaluation teams.