The Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Peer Mentoring Project

The Center for Capacity Building for Minorities with Disabilities Research (CCBMDR) has started a new project on October 1st 2009 that will focus on the reintegration of individuals with newly, Violently Acquired Spinal Cord Injuries (VASCIs). The project is funded by the Illinois department of human services and will work closely with hospitals, VR, and community based organizations in the Chicago land area which will refer patients to the program. The program participants will be assigned a peer mentor who also has a VASCI. The peer mentors will work with their mentees on achieving various personal and professional goals such as gaining employment, going to school, and independent living. In addition to providing emotional and social support. The ultimate goal of the project is that the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) will adopt the peer mentor program as permanent resource available to everybody with a SCI throughout the state of Illinois.

Division: Community and Prevention Psychology
Faculty Sponsor: Fabricio Balcazar